What are the bad sides of the NGO?

bad sides of the NGO

The bad sides of the NGO

Now a days a lot non government organization is registered every year and all of them are not working honestly. NGO license now uses somewhere for bad purpose that is really sad for us who are really working for the people. Any NGO`s should avoid bad sides to continue public charity work for the long time. Every organization start there program with good purpose but it’s have bad sides of the NGO illegal activities.

The bad side of NGO are mention bellow

Corruption field level are

Many projects are lounce by NGO but all of them are not properly implement at the field level. Because there have corruption who are field level manager they miss use there duty. After some of step main targeted beneficiary, get there distribution amount of service. A partial amount of goods, money, beneficiary commodities, relief, etc. are reaching their destination.

Now new NGO is register for own benefits

Now a days people intend to register or work under non profits to get own facilities. They highlight their activities for the media or get funds and own publicity, but if we see the past, then we can see most of the organization created for the needy people not for self benefits.

Crime activities

Sometime we see through media some of the organization connected crime party who just uses their non provide organization as a minded. They do unethical activities like child abuse, they collect child to transfer crime world, child porn, use child to earn money by illegal way.

They use media to boost their activities positively, but at the real way they are not doing this they just use media to hi light their project to get more funds from the government and foreigners.

Micro credit activities

Micro credit is a way where NGOs can help people proved loan for the productive project to develop there financial improvement. But most of the NGO do not maintain there moto there use micro credit to get more profits and benefits.

Audit report

Honestly, most of the organizations have got audit release from the authorities or fails, they do not audit properly after get brave that why governments do not get real tax it is really bad for the government. This area some of the dishonest officer is connected.

Health service

On of the important service is held where NGO working is improving public health, but some of the NGO business providing health services. They are also working on save children program.

Activities ground

As per NGO license purpose and goal most of the organization does not follow their work circle in Bangladesh they work randomly as they want them miss use their licensed agreement. They use political benefits, religious, culture different societies its ground.

bad sides of the NGOThose are some basic reason for the bad side of NGO in Bangladesh that why people sometime Barack there trust on NGO but honestly, who work for the people they will never go down from the real ethic.

NGO example

Welfare & Peace Foundation Khulna is one of the NGO who is Working for the people avoiding all the bad side. World Peace Foundation Khulna, Bangladesh is working for the needy family in locally but want to globally.  There are many bad sides of the NGO but it`s good side are huge.

Writing by Rajib Humayun


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