How to fix error establishing database connection?

Fix error establishing database connection

Fix error establishing database connection

Hi, I have a problem who can help me about this database connection problem. Recently my website c-panel was transferred. I don`t know what happens. Suddenly my website is gone! What should I do? Who can help me about my website back normally? Please would you fix error establishing database connection.

This is a problem people are facing so who can assist them to solve essay way. If you know any short way, then help others to become success shorter. This website is a help platform. We are trying to give you general information about this issue, but to help other please mention your experience.  Please can find out a great way to save.

Error establishing a database connection

This type of error lost your subscriber, lost your visitor, loss your revenue. So try to fix this error as soon as possible to protect your business. 

What is the mean error establishing a database connection?

Mainly this type of wp site created on two language PHP and MYSQl. All the database store, in mysql and PHP retrieve information from the database. So check your code are connected with the database. Most of the case database is not connected.

What is the reason for this error?

  1. There are number of reason for this error but we have mention here major of them.Sometime in your database is corrupted. For various reasons your database to be corrupted, from uploading and active an bad type plugin, to lightning strikes from the server etc. But it is not common.
  2. For login credentials database can be wrong. miss massing login username, database name, host, user name with password etc. If those credentials are recently change, this can be cause.
  3. You host server can be down. Another reason is your site is drawing a big number of traffic.

You can repair your database

You need to access to this fill wp-config.php in your root directory fill. Add this line of code to the bottom:   define( 'WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true );  now repair and optimize.

Or you can crate new database to restore all.

You can also see this tip to get quick help about error establishing a database

You can also watch this clear video about Fix error establishing database connection. If you need help SEO expert can can assist you.


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