Who are the needy people in the Khulna, Bangladesh area?

needy people

Needy people in Khulna

Khulna is an important district in Bangladesh. Khulna important for Sundarbon, Royal Bengal Tiger, Khulna Shipyard, Adomgi Jut Mill Khulna and the fish production area inside Boy Of Bangle etc. Most of the people here are poor, illiterate. For a life ode they use fish cultivated, or small work. Here live Muslim, Hindu, Christian, etc. There are number of needy people in Khulna.

Some of the people here have a source of livelihood richly but most of the people are poor & unhappy. Who men are very ignoring here this area women are tortured by the bad people but all but an amount. This case for literacy.

If we make a motivation than I think it will reduce day by day. Many NGS are working for it, but some project are only for visible for institutions protocol. I am eager to sat that to remove this curse we should work truly not for highlights organization.

Who working for the needy people in Khulna

Welfare & Peace Foundation Bangladesh is an NGO who are working for social peace in Khulna on various ways. They are honest in their work they have a strong youth team to develop social development. They serve in the Khulna village area how making peace in the local area.

Who has also tried to find out who are really needy. They are researching about how and what can bring peace in the world.

Any financial help can not solve a poor problem if this money does not spend properly. WP foundation do not interested only provide money support who are needy. Because, money will finish one upon a time, but right suggestion, right plan, the right way, the right training can help them to stub list in the society.

In a Khulna area in Bangladesh education percentage is very low that’s why people are leaving with uncultured, unhappy.

Needy People Concept

People get lazy after her relief because they don’t know how to become civilized in the society some of family are now having changed, but most of the people are old minded that’s why people don’t know how to be happy in the society with their own income or independently.

Political effect is another course for the underdevelopment here for the local politician some time, do not strictly follow government or Development category NGO activities they unethically try to get benefited where main needy family do not get proper support to get benefited.

Women are one of the important parts in this society they are neglected here so any NGO or charity organization should help them first if the women will be getting help than this family ultimately get support. We want to develop needy people in the Khulna.

A small family is poor, but average them happy. Villagers are living here bellow poverty. In Khulna are most of the villagers being needy in Bangladesh Khulna are village people have a water problem, sanitation problem, awareness problem etc. Somewhere need help emergency to get donation

Here people do not want money to be rich, but they really fail to get good enough so when any sonar want to work for them they should think who are still filling about the food they are really needy family here some should start work for them.

We should for the peace by motivational training, but there have no food so why they take training for so they need first after than motivation. People want to live here food, clothes, education, honor.


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